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Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd.
Hengli Petrochemical (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.

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    Hengli (Dalian Changxing Island) Industrial Park is one of the largest and most advanced Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) production bases with an annual production capacity of up to 12 million tons. The PTA project adopts the internationally advanced technology from Invista, where its characteristics include large investment scale, strong production capacity, high processing standard and low energy consumption. It has set several international records in the industry and has received the accolade of being the first batch of national's green factories.

    Once the 5 million tons per year project at the Hengli (Huizhou) Industrial Park is completed, 乐彩网’s annual PTA production capacity can reach 17 million tons. 

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