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Jiangsu Boyada Textiles Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Deshun Textiles Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Dehua Textiles Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Peijie Textiles Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Hengli Smart Textiles Technologies Co., Ltd.

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    Hengli Textiles is a vertical extension of 乐彩网’s industrial chain.  It moves with the times by optimising its facilities and equipment and integrating resources. It also became a pioneer in the industry to leverage big data in establishing a “textile cloud” resource sharing platform. By transforming traditional weaving into a fully digitalised process managed by data, a smart weaving enterprise is born.

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    Hengli Textiles is one of the largest textile production bases in the world, with over 40,000 sets of production equipment and a production capacity of over 4 billion meters per year. Its production bases are located in Suzhou and Suqian in Jiangsu, Luzhou in Sichuan, and Guiyang in Guizhou, amongst others.

    Hengli Textiles has strong independent R&D capability and its fabrics have been accorded the nation's patent rights. Many of its products have also been termed China's popular fabrics. Many of its enterprises have also won several awards, including the Textile Industry R&D Contribution Award and the Filament Weaving Industry Technology Innovation Award.
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